Tower Furniture

We are passionate about furniture and the way we use it in the spaces we live and work in. Today's office, or school is a place to work, learn, collaborate and relax. These multifaceted spaces need furniture to accommodate all those applications and we love bringing in just the right furniture for every space, big or small.
So what sets us apart?


At Tower Furniture, we manufacture our own case goods in the Canadian industrial sectors, a region known for exceptional quality & craftsmanship, giving our customers a vast array of style, color and dimensional options.


More than 35 years in the industry has provided us with a unique and valuable perspective on how to smartly curb the expense of custom projects, thereby passing a large amount of savings over to our customers.


We believe that every project is created differently. Not only that, but we also know that not all parts of every project have the same budget and design needs. This fluid methodology has enabled us to provide full design, layout and drawing services for the widest range of jobs, large to small.

Why Choose Us
Customized for you

We have a solution for every space and way to make it work for everyone.

Over 500 Sastified Clients

Customer satisfaction is always our highest priority.

Customer Service

Friendly and helpful customer service

35 years of experience

Being in the field for so many years provides us with invaluable perspective